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4inch 3 Step Dry Polishing Pads

4inch 3 Step Dry Polishing Pads

 4inch 3 step dry polishing pads

4inch 3 step dry polishing pads


  1. Ideal to polish on the natural Stone with dry.Specially woks well on marble.

  2. Faster and cost effective polishing

  3. Save substantial time and effort, but achieve similar glossiness compare with traditional 7 or 8 steps system.

  4. Step 1 sands the stone. Step2 hones the stone. Step 3 polishes the stone brilliantly.

  5. Wok with any variable speed grinder/polisher at 2000-4000 rpm.


 Item No.  Size   GritColorHigh


C2001574"(100mm)     #2Green2.0mm
C2001584"(100mm)     #3Brown2.0mm


3 step dry polishing pad.jpg

3 step dry.jpg

3 step pad.jpg

3 step.jpg


We are among those professional Concrete Floor Polishing Pad manufacturers and suppliers in China, and you can buy customized 4inch 3 step dry polishing pads made in China at good price from our factory.

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