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2015 Las Vegas International Cleaning And Maintenance Exhibition

Edit: Falcon Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.    Date: Feb 03, 2015

Show background

a. ISSA International Association hygiene is an absolute leader in the international cleaning industry trade associations.

b. Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition Center is the world's leading cleaning industry's leading exhibition organizer.

c. European Clean Week will serve as the official media partner and cooperate with the organizers of this exhibition publicity coverage.

Display range

All equipment complies with the following topics, materials and technology for offices, schools, sports centers, public dining, and entertainment centers or parks and other places of cleaning; Industrial cleaning of buildings and equipment; and transport properties / tools (Passenger / freight) carried out cleaning; external cleaning and maintenance of buildings; cleaning and maintenance of the equipment by the smoke / fire damage emergency services carried out for emergencies; chemicals carpet cleaning maintenance and cleaning internal cleaning class; window cleaning ; maintenance of drains and sewers performed; pest control; laundry service; hand hygiene

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