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2015 The 12th China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Expo.

Edit: Falcon Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.    Date: Sep 01, 2015

Shanghai International Exhibition Floor jointly organized by the China Association of Building Materials to Floor Materials Branch and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Pudong Branch, "China Ping" magazine, Sina real estate network, HC coating network, Chinese green real estate network, China network new paint and other media support, show the scale and effects of steadily rising! Past exhibitors such as: Ma Shuo Luo Somero, Sweden HTC, United States Shi Bei Sika, Feith consulting FACE Consultants, Husqvarna Husqvarna, Fosroc Fosroc, Guangzhou Supe, Guangzhou soup spectrum, the United States Dickson DAYTON, Britain Department Hang Flowcrete, Camry prime land ChemMasters, Guangzhou were abundant, eternal machinery, Bai Rui Tektronix Blastrac, labor Nike stone LINAX, Carl Dick Caldic, Shandong Road Granville, Hunan cross Thailand, the United States Kohler KOHLER, Shanghai is in Europe, Shenzhen Mark Nepal, equipment and technology research Sowa, Shanghai TRIPLEX, Harry Fox, Shanghai Song Kam Hing-wing machine, Bao Li Fu, Xi Peide, Shanghai dimension, Xiamen Yuxin as the admiring visitors walking in the show forefront of the industry's innovative technologies and products, such as Ma Shuo Luo efficient laser concrete leveling machine, rich Salong ET slip ramp system Guangzhou Supe's MMA waterproof material, the FX Hang seamless epoxy color stone ground Ping, etc., caused widespread concern of many people in the industry.

 2015 12th Floor China exhibition exhibition area will reach 30,000㎡ expected audience of more than 30,000 people, brought together industry famous enterprises at home and abroad, more floor construction units, construction companies, Design and Research Institute, product development companies, real estate developers, contractors, property management companies, manufacturers, sales agents, wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters, government, public facilities and other parties involved in personnel, to build floor covering material, floor machines, floor systems, cleaning equipment and other upstream and downstream industry chain, industry feast!

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